From the smallest screw to the biggest picture: logistics optimization with ProfiOrga

Grow with challenges. Be fit for the future.

The market is growing, becoming more opaque, faster and harder. More and more variants, decreasing numbers of units, and huge competitive pressure is par for the course. In short: the challenges grow! Is your company prepared? With excellent logistics optimization and connecting of all logistics areas you can achieve what your company deserves: a clear competitive advantage!

Tailor-made, clear, effective: logistics optimization with customized strategy

What is clear is that there is no strategy out of the box for the right logistics concept. Rather, the optimization of your logistics involves a company-specific design closely aligned with your processes and needs. Above all, technology follows the mind! Not everything that is modern and highly engineered has to suit you. As experienced logistics consultants, we take a close look at the current processes, on communication structures, on plans and developments within your current logistics strategy. The advantages are clear: an optimization of your internal and external logistics translates into significant cost savings. And not only that: planning times are shortened, communication becomes clearer, and the quality increases. The internal factors change more than external ones. In short: those that have a clear goal in mind work with much more focus and motivation!

Those that want to be prepared for the future and secure a competitive advantage are taking a closer look at logistics optimization from ProfiOrga.

Logistics optimization with ProfiOrga

Freight & Storage Costs

Logistics optimization implementation – always with a tailor-made strategy

Make-or-buy analyzes

Decision guidance for in-house or third-party production of certain products

Incoming goods & supplies

We optimize your incoming goods and internal materials supply

ABC analysis

With analytical techniques for the right decision on logistics optimization

This service is billed on a fee basis

Reduce freight and storage costs via logistics optimization

Whoever wants to make logistics processes simpler – and, above all, more efficient – finds the best prerequisites for optimizing the receipt and warehousing of goods. How fast are incoming deliveries processed? How are they labeled and their quality tested? And how is everything kept in IT? The question is: which processes are defined for freight and storage, and are they appropriate and efficient for your company? From regulatory compliance to optimized warehousing by sales, weight or volume, we recommend you reduce costs and increase efficiency!

This also applies to other areas or logistics optimization. There are many areas that need to be analyzed and improved within this realm, ranging from commercial packaging, the distribution of transport costs and the structuring of various picking and distribution processes to the IT structure and the definition of contact persons and decision-makers.

Make-or-Buy and ABC:
With analytical techniques for the right decision towards optimizing logistics

This can include a make-or-buy analysis, where we support you in the directional decision for the in-house or externally procured products and accompany the maintenance or any changes of your company orientation. In order to be more focused, we are happy to support the use of human and technical resources with an ABC analysis, proven as an effective control instrument in a wide range of business areas.

ProfiOrga – Your partner in organization and optimization

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