Safe. Noticeable. Efficient: Optimize purchasing processes with ProfiOrga

The heart of your company: Your employees!

Leadership training for more identification, achievement, and motivation

Honestly, your employees are more than just your employees. They are people who live your company philosophy and that stand behind your plan. They feel connected to the company, are motivated, performance-oriented and satisfied. Right? In short, your employees are your capital – both today and tomorrow! Conversely, a lack of commitment to the company and the management day quickly leads to an “internal resignation”. Thus, whoever wants to optimize purchasing processes doesn’t start with purchasing, but management. If they are committed and competent, reliable and sincere, leading employees and colleagues with heart and mind, then the added value for the entire company is felt. Trust it! We train your department manager for this crucial task within the purchasing optimization.

Purchasing goals are corporate objectives: purchasing optimization with a future

The management is trained. Fine! But let’s be honest here: Trained for what? What are the company’s objectives? What guidelines apply? What strategies count? Even Confucius said:

„He who knows the goal, can decide
he who decides, finds tranquility
he who finds tranquility, is safe
he who is safe, can consider,
he who considers, can improve.“

Using the effective SMART method, we formulate your goals unambiguously, make them realistic and measurable, shape them as a challenge, and set a fixed deadline. It’s well worth it!

More identification, performance and cost savings, thanks to purchasing optimization! ProfiOrga supports you with tailor-made strategies

Process Optimization with ProfiOrga

Purchasing staff

Training and qualification of the purchasing staff

Purchasing & Controlling

Setting goals with success measurement

Purchasing methods and tools

Choose the right methodology and tools for successful purchasing

Purchasing processes national / international

Optimization of purchasing processes

This service is billed on a fee basis

Methods, tools and processes for excellent purchasing optimization

The objectives are formulated, employees focused. However, the internal processes and organizational structure are also important parts of purchasing management. Do your processes match the current challenges? With “on-the-job training” we develop new processes in a sustainable and effective manner. In order to save costs, we also check your purchasing processes, supplier and material group management, cost and contract management, and even the big topic of global sourcing – including more time and security!

Purchasing control for your individual purchasing management

But in order to be successful in the market, the most important factor for sustainable decision-making is overall purchasing control, strong leadership, and a well-functioning team. Together with management we work on key metrics towards optimizing your team’s focus. Bringing you forward – Sustainably. Effectively. With motivation! Want to bet?

ProfiOrga is your partner in organization and optimization

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