Holistic planning: Modern procurement strategies for your purchasing

This is how you reduce procurement costs! First-class procurement management with ProfiOrga

If you want to make a profit, you have to consider your company holistically. Apart from the individual consideration of the purchasing department, it is seen in the overall context and closely linked to sales. The focus of an effective procurement strategy is material grouping and supplier management. For long-term cost reduction, the most competitiveness, the highest level of procurement management.

Procurement management deluxe – optimization of direct and indirect costs

In order to optimize procurement costs long term, materials and services are structured in a purchasing market-oriented manner, in order to develop modern and individual procurement strategies for the materials and suppliers required in the next step. Whether raw material costs, purchased parts, merchandise or packaging material: there are many direct costs that we “tackle” together. However, indirect costs such as marketing, energy, or building cleaning are also under scrutiny – so that they too can be transferred into suitable procurement strategies. Actually it’s all pretty simple, right?

Global Sourcing – worldwide purchasing, global savings

From the heart: Global sourcing is a huge competitive advantage – one that companies of all sizes should not miss out on! This is because regardless of company size, enormous costs can be reduced. Prerequisite: A good network, combined with knowledge of the culture and mentality of the respective resource. Reassuring that we have both!

The benefits of global sourcing? Impressive!

– Outstanding quality advantages
– Low prices through low-priced sources of supply
– Better negotiating position against domestic suppliers
– Access to resources that are not available or too expensive in one´s own country
– More independence from suppliers

Our special service: if you do not want to implement global sourcing internally, simply come to us! Our experienced staff takes over all the processes from the first proposal to the full correspondence up to the release and control.

We analyze material costs, inventories and payment terms, providing guidance for your global sourcing

Profitable purchasing with ProfiOrga

Material- & Overhead Costs and Payment Conditions

Measures for saving purchasing costs

Supplier Reduction & Supplier Development

Qualification of reliable suppliers

Delivery times & stock

More Total Return on Assets through Proper Storage and Delivery Optimization

Global Sourcing

Worldwide purchasing and saving worldwide

This service is billed on a fee basis

Exception: Global Sourcing. Here we benefit from actual savings

Faster, higher, further! Delivery time optimization for the highest customer satisfaction

You know for yourself: today everything has to happen in seconds and immediately, without delay. Without waiting. Do your delivery times meet the requirements of your customers? Can you rely on the indicated delivery times? Are they notified when it will take longer? In short, if delivery processes are optimal, sales can be increased and costs reduced. Highest customer satisfaction to boot! We review your processes and look closely at supply chain management. Guaranteed!

This also applies to other areas of logistics optimization. There are many areas that need to be analyzed and improved within the scope of logistics optimization, ranging from commercial packaging to the distribution of transportation costs and the structuring of various picking as well as distribution processes to IT structure and the identification of contact persons and decision-makers.

More Total Capital Return thanks to Procurement Management ProfiOrga optimizes your inventory

Reduced capital commitment, less interest expenses, higher inventory turnover, improved total return on capital: There are many reasons to improve your company’s inventory levels! We take a close look at your planning and disposition processes: From the maintenance of the master data to the IT software or the ordering rhythm to the interface communication. The goal: an individually adapted ERP system with which your employees can work efficiently and consistently. Good for your team. Good for your business. Want to bet?

The supplier as a partner. Procurement optimization while saving time

How beautiful it is: less is sometimes more! This is only true for strategic supplier management. Our recommendation is to move to the system or module supplier. The beauty: The strategic bundling of the company’s requirements reduces the internal process costs, reduces the number of supplier processes, leaves more time for strategic purchasing, and gets the most from your supplier: a partnership! And as is well known, it’s much better to work with this procurement philosophy, right?

From offering to paying: We improve payment terms

Often the smallest screws have the biggest influence. This is exactly what happens with payment condition optimization! Higher cash deductions, larger payment targets, group bills and further adjustment ensure, above all, improved efficiency combined with higher liquidity for your company. Seducing, right?

ProfiOrga is your partner in organization and optimization

We would be very happy to sit down with you to discuss how we can serve your needs, and look forward to hearing from you.